Capitol Report: Week Seven Update

March 2, 2020

By: Paula S. Dierenfeld, Katie Graham



Last week’s report provided a list of the major bills that either survived or died in the first funnel. While it’s important to know the status of legislation that may impact your business or is a priority for legislative leaders, it probably didn’t make for very interesting conversation with family and friends. The following may give you a little more to talk about. Enjoy!



  • “Right to Be Forgotten” (SF 2351): That really is the title of the act created by this bill… no kidding! It would allow a person to request information about them be taken off the internet if it’s “of minimal value.”
  • You Can Run, But… (HF 2361): Prohibits employers from requiring employees to have microchips implanted in them.
  • Bee Mine (SJR 2004): Designates the honey bee as the official state insect.
  • Kid’s College Savings (HF 2238): Legalizes lemonade and other food stands operated by minors.
  • Excuse Me (SF 2253): Allows students to be excused from physical education if they are participating in show choir or marching band.
  • Another Corny Idea? (SF 2297): Authorizes the Department of Transportation to offer special “Iowa Corn State” license plates.
  • Lighter, Later (SF 2282, HF 2059): Establishes daylight saving time as the official time in the state throughout the year.
  • No Deer Here (HF 2404): Requires a person passing through public land to approach or leave a tree stand to wear solid blaze orange apparel.
  • Pay Me (SF 2330): Allows athletes at Iowa colleges and universities to hire agents and to be paid for the use of their names, images or likenesses, or athletic reputations.



  • Made for TV (HF 2430): Creates a cold-case investigative unit in the Department of Public Safety.
  • Not So Fast (HF 2166): Increases the speed limit on the state’s highways and interstates by 5 MPH.
  • No ‘Room in the End (HF 2420): Regulates wild mushroom sales at retail food services.
  • Cash Only (SF 2079): Prohibits state and local governments from accepting virtual currency payments.
  • Sorry, Charlie (HF 2332): Bans the use of plastic straws in restaurants and establishes a 10-cent retail fee for plastic bags.