Public Finance

In-depth experience backs our public finance representation.

Public Finance

In-depth experience backs our public finance representation.

Part of one of the largest and broadest commercial and financial transactions practices in Iowa, our public finance attorneys apply A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE to assist clients.


Skilled in an array of public finance and municipal law services, our specialized attorneys apply their experience for clients such as:

  • Municipalities
  • State agencies
  • Special districts
  • Development authorities
  • Investment banks
  • Bond trustees
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Nonprofit organizations


Our public finance attorneys apply long-term experience in a broad range of tax-exempt and taxable finance transactions involving:

  • Revenue obligations
  • Real estate improvement and other special purpose districts
  • 501(c)(3) bonds
  • Lease financing
  • Public and private education
  • Anticipatory warrants
  • Industrial development revenue bonds
  • Health care facilities.


Our attorneys serve in various roles including:

  • Bond counsel
  • Issuer counsel
  • Disclosure counsel
  • Underwriter/private placement agent counsel
  • Credit enhancement issuer counsel
  • Bond trustee counsel


Our public finance attorneys draw on the experience of attorneys across the firm to work through complex and novel transactions. We collaborate with our attorneys in:


Working closely with our Government Affairs attorneys, our public finance attorneys provide lobbying and other legislative and state governmental relations services to our municipal clients, including:

  • Drafting administrative rules
  • Drafting proposed legislation
  • Working with staff at state agencies