Nyemaster Goode Mourns Loss of John Phillips

June 17, 2016

At 6 a.m. in Florida, retired Nyemaster attorney, John Phillips, passed away. John was a loving husband, father, and grandfather as well as a fine law partner. He was a consummate gentleman, a skilled advocate, and a brilliant scholar.

John was responsible for the creation and growth of Nyemaster’s Labor & Employment practice. We owe him much.

John Phillips had a legal pedigree beyond compare. He was a master of complex labor law concepts. When discussing a complicated labor issue, John would sometimes note that “old man Taft” might approach the matter in a certain way—referring to one of his mentors. That “old man Taft” was the drafter of the Taft-Hartley Act—our nation’s labor law—was not lost on those of us dedicated to labor and employment law.

We will miss John and we will mourn him with his many friends and family.