3D Health Solutions Wins Top Prize in 2020 John Pappajohn Iowa Entrepreneurial Venture Competition

October 7, 2020


We love it when our clients do great things!


Congratulations to 3D Health Solutions on being awarded the top prize in the 2020 John Pappajohn Iowa Entrepreneurial Venture Competition. Nyemaster’s Todd Van Thomme, Jason Giles and Eric Tubbs have worked closely with the Ames-based management team to help protect their innovative technology and structure their startup.


3D Health Solutions is working to transform human drug testing using 3-dimensional in vitro canine cell culture lines. The company’s proposed new approach is expected to significantly improve the predictability of in vitro systems currently used for pre-clinical drug research and allow for early selection of the most-promising drug candidates. The result will reduce the number of live animal studies and their associated costs while accelerating the transition from pre-clinical research to early drug development.


“It has been a great honor to work with 3D Health Solutions, Inc. to support them on their startup journey,” said Todd. “The entire Nyemaster team is so pleased the company has received this wonderful recognition.”


“Todd and Eric have both been invaluable partners in building 3D Health Solutions, Inc.’s IP and corporate strategy,” said Jon P. Mochel, 3D Health Solutions chief operating officer. “From the first day we met, they have shown passion and a great deal of dedication in understanding and supporting our business, always being available and ready to go the extra mile for us.  We could not have won this award without them.”