Raise Your Hand: Mark International Women’s Day with Support for Gender Equity

March 8, 2021


International Women’s Day focuses on a single day, but every day Nyemaster SUPPORTS WOMEN IN ALL PROFESSIONS AND POSITIONS. When you look at women’s roles in the firm, you can see that employing and empowering women is integral to Nyemaster’s values.


In 2021, women fill Nyemaster’s two highest leadership roles for the first time. The firm’s Executive Committee elected Coreen K. Sweeney as Chair and Hallie Still-Caris as President. These two experienced attorneys are set to lead Nyemaster as business clients face new legal hurdles and ongoing economic stresses.


The leadership, legal skills, knowledge, and experience of women are recognized throughout the firm. At Nyemaster, 50 percent of department leaders are women and half of the attorneys the firm has hired since 2018 are women. Across the firm, 60 percent of our attorneys and staff are female.


Sweeney and Still-Caris lead a team that recognizes the value of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Of the 12 new shareholders admitted in the past two years, six are women:


These new shareholders join the rest of the firm’s attorneys and staff to offer insightful counsel and timely assistance to clients. Together our team works to address employment issues, close transactions, navigate disputes, protect intellectual property, address tax questions, handle a range of matters in court, and work with government entities. Each attorney brings individual insights and innovative problem-solving to every case, transaction, and legal question.


Respected for their efforts, women attorneys at Nyemaster gain recognition and acknowledgment from peers, clients, and the community, including:


Celebrating efforts to promote gender equity deserves a day. The rest of the year, Nyemaster goes to work to put those efforts into action.